About - MIIORI New York

           MIIORI was created as the crown jewel of goldsmith and founder Ohanes Agopyan, a veteran jewelry artisan whose unwavering determination and profound passion for exquisite jewels earned him the title of being one of the most influential independently owned jewelry manufacturers in the industry as well as a recognized player amongst the elite diamond and gemstone traders internationally. With years of experience in both private label and custom manufacturing, Ohanes enhanced traditional European jewelry-making with his flair for whimsy and style.

           Captivated by the sheer elegance of precious jewels, Ohanes was inspired to create a collection that would truly be symbolic of his love for jewelry. MIIORI derives its name from an Italian phrase "Mi-Amore" which translates as My Love and the word "Oro" for Gold and is entwined together to form the word MIIORI, pronounced as Me-One.

           MIIORI captures a woman's femininity and her mood. The double "I" symbolizes the duality of her personality – professional and strong yet sensual and coquettish. It has its roots in the zodiac symbol of the Gemini "II", which represents a dualistic personality.
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